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31/10/17 11:19

Cross-border policing

Europol chief highlights importance of Scottish policing to Europe.

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26/10/17 09:35

Population figures

Projections show impact of EU migration fall.

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26/10/17 09:30

Scotland's population is projected to increase and age

Scotland's population is projected to increase and age: NRS - national stats

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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15/10/17 00:01

Food and drink exports hit half-year high

Importance of continued access to EU market shown.

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09/10/17 13:33

EU funding guarantee

Ewing: vital we establish funding guarantee parameters.

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30/09/17 00:01

Northern neighbours

Brexit highlights need for deeper Nordic and Baltic cooperation.

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27/09/17 13:35

Free movement of people vital to economy

Business leaders discuss effects of migration.

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25/09/17 12:20

Devolution must be protected

EU Withdrawal Bill talks continue.

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