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20/05/15 08:34

Simplify CAP

Richard Lochhead calls on Liz Truss to take his concerns to the European Commission.

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14/05/15 10:04

Food funding

Food funding: Food Funding

Cabinet Secretary launches £70m support scheme.

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12/05/15 17:31

Meeting with First Milk

Rural Affairs Secretary issues statement after meeting with dairy company.

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10/05/15 14:26

Calls for ‘swift’ CAP simplification

Rural Affairs Secretary urges EU to ‘be ambitious’ in simplifying farming policy.

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06/05/15 09:30

Illegal pesticide removal

Time running out to make use of free scheme.

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04/05/15 14:14

Concern over beef prices

Lochhead asks QMS to investigate falling cattle price and link to imports.

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29/04/15 15:25

Seasonal lets

Rural Affairs Secretary says days of getting money for nothing are over.

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28/04/15 12:47

Seasonal let changes

Slipper farmers warned over tough new CAP rules.

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28/04/15 09:30

Farm rents rise six per cent

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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