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21/08/14 09:30

Poisonous plants peril

Animal owners warned to remain vigilant.

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20/08/14 13:15

Beef 2020

Rural Affairs Secretary welcomes final report.

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20/08/14 10:07

Five farming gains of independence

Five farming gains of independence: Agriculture-farming-livestock-cattle-cow-highland

Rural Affairs Secretary sets out benefits for farmers and crofters.

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19/08/14 18:09

Russian trade embargo meeting

Wider food sector discuss impact of sanctions and seek continued retailer support.

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19/08/14 09:30

Farm debt continues to rise

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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16/08/14 00:01

Independence boost for food and drink

Rural Affairs Secretary sets out benefits for producers.

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14/08/14 13:54

Starter farm tenants selected

Successful applicants for tenancy of first Scottish Government starter farm.

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08/08/14 14:43

Russian trade embargo

First Minister chairs Scottish Government Resilience Committee meeting

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04/08/14 10:00

Cutting red tape

Action to reduce bureaucracy in Scottish agriculture.

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01/08/14 12:06

Scottish farm support

EU notified of main decisions on direct payments.

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