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10/02/15 15:07

Lambing advice to pregnant women

Lambing advice to pregnant women: Animals-sheep-lambs

Advice to avoid close contact with animals giving birth.

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10/02/15 11:15

Look for local

Rural Affairs Secretary calls on retailers and consumers to put local food first.

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04/02/15 16:01

Scottish dairy brand to be set up

Government support for dairy farmers.

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28/01/15 13:00

National Reserve applications open

Farmers encouraged to re-register details and apply for funding.

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27/01/15 15:00

Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review

Rural Affairs Secretary reveals final recommendations.

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27/01/15 09:30

Income from farming falls after strong 2013

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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26/01/15 00:01

Dairy concerns taken to EU

Rural Secretary will demand action for Scottish farmers.

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25/01/15 11:00

Audit to get Scotch Beef back into USA

US officials to be invited to audit red meat processors.

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20/01/15 13:00

Calls for Europe to consider dairy

Rural Affairs Secretary writes to UK Government.

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