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05/03/14 15:57

CAP timetable outlined

Plan to ensure farmers’ and industry views are heard.

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04/03/14 07:24

Selling Scotland to the world

Selling Scotland to the world: Selling Scotland to the world - Richard Lochhead

New food and drink export plan capitalises on global demand.

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25/02/14 15:15

Meat-ing demand

New processing plant opens with help of Government grant.

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19/02/14 12:32

Call for farm tenancy evidence

Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review Group wants to hear from tenants and landlords.

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17/02/14 14:57

Move to scupper slipper farming backed by EU

Commission also gives UK flexibility on coupled support.

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17/02/14 12:30

The green shoots of agriculture

Agri-Renewables Strategy for Scotland launched.

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17/02/14 00:01

Scotland seeks EU support

Lochhead will seek Scottish clause confirmation and make case for coupled payment increase to European Commissioner.

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11/02/14 11:25

Independence would benefit farmers

Independence would benefit farmers: Agriculture-farming-tractor-potato-planting-cultivation

Scotland’s farmers 'would gain a seat at the top of table' under independence.

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11/02/14 11:00

The whey ahead

The whey ahead: Milk-Glass

Scottish Dairy Bureau to provide advice and training.

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11/02/14 11:00

Showing off local produce

Showing off local produce: Food-drink-fruit-veg

Support for Scotland’s food and drink reinforced.

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