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24/12/13 00:01

Farm deal ‘a bitter blow’ to Scottish farmers

First Minister calls on Prime Minister to return CAP funds to Scotland.

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19/12/13 10:00

Source local for your festive feast

Source local for your festive feast: Food-drink-roast-chicken

Scotland home to some of the world’s finest food and drink.

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18/12/13 10:51

CAP transfer set at 9.5 per cent

Rural Affairs Secretary: rate ‘strikes the right balance of support’ .

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18/12/13 09:30

Increase in harvest estimates

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland

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17/12/13 12:16

Farm payments consultation

Farm payments consultation: Agriculture-farming-livestock-calf

Choices for implementing the new Common Agricultural Policy in Scotland.

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16/12/13 00:01

‘Scottish clause’ solution sought

Rural Affairs Secretary pushes for ‘slipper farming’ clamp down in Brussels.

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11/12/13 09:40

Rural development consultation

Views sought on vision for £1.3 billion programme.

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10/12/13 11:47

Scotland’s Soils website launched

Scotland’s Soils website launched: Soil Release 1

Online resource to help manage and protect our soils for future generations.

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09/12/13 00:01

Poultry plan

Poultry plan: Agriculture-farming-livestock-hens-chickens

Work taken forward to strengthen foundation of poultry industry in Scotland.

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06/12/13 11:00

Interim agriculture red tape report

Interim agriculture red tape report: Doing Better Report

News release issued on behalf of Brian Pack OBE.

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