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12/11/13 16:23

Farming funding settlement ‘indefensible’

Rural Affairs Secretary makes CAP budget statement to Scottish Parliament.

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12/11/13 12:30

New water pollution guidance

Initiative to maintain Scotland’s water quality.

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08/11/13 14:53

Scotland’s CAP budget cut

Rural Affairs Secretary slams ‘disgraceful’ settlement imposed by UK Government.

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08/11/13 10:49

Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review

Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review: Agriculture-farming-crofting-haymaking-tractor

Review Group membership, remit and timescale confirmed.

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06/11/13 10:45

Reaping the rewards

Financial and environmental success for Climate Change Focus Farms.

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04/11/13 14:26

Scotch Beef back on the US menu

Scotch Beef back on the US menu: International-flags-america-usa

Seal of approval given to Scottish products.

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01/11/13 11:25

New Crofting Commissioner appointed

Marina Dennis appointed for East Highlands Crofting Constituency.

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23/10/13 15:15

Funding for new farmers

Payments made under New Entrants Scheme.

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16/10/13 00:01

A helping hand at home and abroad

A helping hand at home and abroad: Agriculture-potatoes-crop-farming

Sustainability in focus on World Food Day.

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14/10/13 12:09

Cross-party CAP funding call

Support for full UK subsidy uplift to come to Scotland.

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