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10/02/17 10:12

Crofting Commission Governance

Rural Secretary confirms action plan after “worrying failures” highlighted.

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07/02/17 10:54

Future of farming

First Minister updates farmers on approach to Europe.

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06/02/17 19:05

Common Agricultural Policy update

Environmentally friendly farming rules reviewed.

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02/02/17 09:45

Avian influenza

Meeting with industry to discuss prevention zone.

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01/02/17 13:35

Agricultural Minimum Wage

Change to minimum rates.

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31/01/17 13:30

Fox hunting laws

Strengthening the protection of wild animals.

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31/01/17 09:30

Exchange rate helps farming bounce back

Exchange rate helps farming bounce back: National Statistics Logo

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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30/01/17 12:09

Protecting the environment

Funding for rural businesses.

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27/01/17 12:37

Crofting Commission appointment


Scottish Ministers appoint Bill Barron as Chief Executive.

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22/01/17 11:22

Brexit, food and farming

Cabinet Secretary highlights threat of leaving the European Single Market on food and farming industries.

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