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06/02/19 15:30

Supporting gender equality

First Minister appointed UN Women Global Advocate.

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05/02/19 19:00

Tackling global climate change

Shared ambitions by Scotland and New Jersey.   

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02/02/19 00:01

Promoting Scotland in North America

First Minister to visit USA and Canada.

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14/12/18 12:05

First Minister’s Christmas card

First Minister’s Christmas card: First Minister - Harry Benson 2018 Christmas Card 1

Four charities to benefit from auction.

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11/12/18 00:01

Scotland signs up to forestry pledge

First Minister commits to Bonn Challenge.

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10/12/18 09:30

Enhancing human rights

New taskforce to lead on human rights.

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07/12/18 09:00

Calls to protect EU citizens

First Minister urges UK Government to scrap settlement scheme fees.

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