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20/06/17 14:43

Rural and Environment Secretaries write to Defra ministers

Scottish Government “must” be consulted on rural and environment Brexit issues.

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18/06/17 00:01

Food and drink exports continue to grow

£1.2 billion exported in first quarter of 2017.

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13/06/17 09:30

Agriculture Facts & Figures

Agriculture Facts & Figures: National Statistics

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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06/06/17 11:46

CAP reform payments

Scottish farmers denied the full £190 million.

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25/05/17 16:00

BSE negligible risk status

Scotland achieves safest level possible.

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25/05/17 09:30

Increase in landings

Value of Scottish catch at record high.

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18/05/17 09:30

Further fall in organic land

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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03/05/17 14:09

CAP reform

Rural Affairs Secretary sets out thinking.

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01/05/17 00:01

Scallop conservation

New protection measures.

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28/04/17 10:30

Avian influenza

Prevention zone to be lifted.

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