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27/06/19 14:13

Replacement of Monklands Hospital

Independent review report published.

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19/06/19 00:01

Alcohol sales fall to 25 year low

Signs of impact of minimum unit pricing on alcohol sales.

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13/06/19 00:01

Making school food healthier

More fruit and vegetables, less processed red meat and sugar on the menu.

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28/05/19 10:00

Suicide prevention training launched

Football clubs to receive training for players and staff.

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26/05/19 00:01

Hospital ban on sale of high-energy drinks to under-16s

Shops on NHS sites take lead in promoting healthy diet.

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02/05/19 17:32

Safe NHS staffing law passed

Health And Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Bill passes Stage 3.

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28/04/19 11:31

Further £70 million to improve waiting times

Next phase of Waiting Times Plan outlined.

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