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04/08/20 09:44

Recruitment rates for future medics

Specialist medical trainee places are 97% full.

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27/07/20 12:00

Adapting NHS resources to respond to COVID-19

More than 300 patients treated at NHS Louisa Jordan.

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05/07/20 00:01

NHS Louisa Jordan to help health service recovery

Hospital will support planned non-COVID healthcare and staff training.

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23/06/20 16:35

Enhanced safety for health and social care staff

Routine testing of workforce extended as more services resume.

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24/05/20 00:01

Supporting Scotland’s social care workers

Plans for death in service cover and enhancements to statutory sick pay.

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11/05/20 13:00

Unique support for health and social care

New resources for staff, carers, volunteers and their families. 

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