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13/06/17 15:00

Next steps on tackling hate crime

Focus on prevention, raising awareness and improving services

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16/05/17 10:24

Tackling the disability employment gap

New measures to support job opportunities for disabled people

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12/05/17 10:27

Experience Panel volunteers

More than 2,000 people recruited.

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20/04/17 11:05

A broken asylum system

Equalities Secretary speaks out on ‘outrage’ of UK’s approach to asylum.

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19/04/17 09:30

Standing up for human rights

Scottish progress ahead of UN review.

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05/04/17 09:30

Funding for conflict zone peacekeeping

FM announces £1.2m to train 200 women during UN address.

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02/03/17 14:45

New law to protect children

Emotional abuse and neglect will be a criminal offence.

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11/02/17 00:01

Inhumane action by the UK Government

Unaccompanied child refugees welcome in Scotland.

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02/02/17 09:45

Brexit threat to human rights

UN warns UK Government’s plans risk opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ for ‘deregulation and regression’.

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