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02/02/17 09:45

Brexit threat to human rights

UN warns UK Government’s plans risk opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ for ‘deregulation and regression’.

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30/01/17 11:00

Understanding forced marriage in Scotland

Government to give report careful consideration.

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10/01/17 00:01

Call for protection of EU employment laws

Human Rights debate in Parliament.

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07/12/16 10:00

Scottish Government appoints Race Equality Framework Adviser

Kaliani Lyle to provide insight and advice on implementing Framework actions.

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29/11/16 09:30

Tackling gender stereotyping

Changing young people’s attitudes to violence against women.

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09/11/16 15:11

Hate crime must be eradicated

Nation-wide campaign will aim to raise awareness.

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02/11/16 11:00

Scotland welcomes refugees

Next phase in strategy to support refugees.

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06/10/16 15:30

Action on child refugees

Partnership working with CoSLA continues.

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