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26/12/16 00:01

Single Market membership

Keith Brown outlines the risks of hard Brexit.

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20/12/16 12:00

Scotland’s Place in Europe

Paper published on options to keep Scotland in Single Market.

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17/11/16 12:59

Economic Summit

Continued strong links with Europe.

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16/11/16 12:40

Scotland forges stronger links with Kenya

Bilateral trade deal opens Kenyan potato market.

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14/11/16 10:38

Scotland to benefit from significant EU funds

Investment for vital projects to tackle poverty and inequality.

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13/11/16 00:01

Scotland must remain in EU single market

Keith Brown calls for parliamentary consensus over single market membership.

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02/11/16 00:01

Hard Brexit hit for Scottish exports

Think-tank predicts service exports could be cut by 60% if removed from Single Market.

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