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02/09/17 10:05

Big impact of small grants

Fund improving lives in some of the world’s poorest communities.

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22/08/17 16:40

Amendments to UK Brexit Bill will be proposed

First Ministers of Wales and Scotland agree actions to counter serious risks to devolution.

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06/08/17 17:39

Threat to European cultural collaboration

EU fundamental to continued development of creative sector.

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17/07/17 12:51

Rights of EU citizens

Paper sets out need for clarity on key issues as negotiations begin.

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14/07/17 09:20

Humanitarian Emergency Fund

Aid allocated to the East Africa crisis.

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21/06/17 10:27

Call for clarity over EU citizens’ future

Concerns voiced as EU exit talks start.

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12/06/17 16:03

Brexit threat to disability rights

Minister raises issue on visit to Strasbourg.

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