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15/06/18 09:58

Damages Bill introduced

Reforming the law on setting the personal injury discount rate.

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15/06/18 09:30

Hate crime reporting must continue

Statistics on hate crime published.

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13/06/18 08:19

More pre-recording of evidence for criminal trials

Improving support for child and vulnerable witnesses in justice system.

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07/06/18 14:50

Independent review of policing during Miners’ Strike

Impact on mining communities to be focus.

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07/06/18 13:37

New Chief Inspector of Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Assistant Inspector promoted.

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06/06/18 17:00

Pardon for gay and bisexual men

Bill passed to right the wrongs of historical convictions.

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04/06/18 09:36

Community impact of serious organised crime

Study finds range of services in community have key role in protecting vulnerable.

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31/05/18 00:01

Breaking the cycle of violence

Pioneering scheme to support victims of violence to be expanded.

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24/05/18 14:00

New Chief Inspector of Prisons

Wendy Sinclair-Gieben first woman appointed to post.

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23/05/18 09:00

Understanding victims’ experiences

Identifying improvements in the criminal justice process. 

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