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25/09/13 16:53

Corroboration “barrier to justice”

Requirement “has failed Scotland”.

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25/09/13 10:14

Great Seal of Scotland goes on public display

Great Seal of Scotland goes on public display: First Minister Alex Salmond with Great Seal of Scotland

First Minister views the Great Seal and opens refurbished Registers of Scotland HQ

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23/09/13 09:30

Counterfeit goods and criminality

Links to serious organised crime highlighted.

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22/09/13 00:00

Satellite tracking of offenders

Satellite tracking of offenders: electronic tag

Consultation on electronic monitoring launched.

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16/09/13 10:15

£2 million to tackle sectarianism

Further funding to tackle sectarianism in communities.

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13/09/13 10:00

Appointment of Queen’s Counsel

Six new QCs appointed.

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11/09/13 10:00

Creating an Accessible Civil Justice System for the people of Scotland

Taylor Review recommends far-reaching changes to the system of expenses and funding of civil litigation in Scotland.

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09/09/13 09:46

Youth reoffending at record low

14 year drop welcomed.

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03/09/13 15:09

Moves to end automatic early release

System ended for the most serious offenders.

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