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03/04/19 13:57

Littering from vehicles

Action on throwaway culture among motorists.

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01/04/19 13:45

Fighting the throwaway culture

Deposit Return Scheme update.

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24/01/19 10:00

Circular economy

Fighting the throwaway culture.

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27/06/18 10:00

Tackling plastic pollution

Deposit return scheme consultation.

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18/06/18 11:00

Support to reduce single-use items

Communities to receive help to reduce plastic waste and marine litter.

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11/05/18 10:00

Fight against throwaway culture

Members appointed to expert panel.

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11/01/18 09:30

Tackling marine litter

Proposal to ban the manufacture and sale of plastic cotton buds.

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27/09/17 09:45

Recycling for the future

£8.4 million to reduce emissions and household waste.

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