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16/04/14 09:49

Volume of fish landings remains stable but value falls by eight per cent

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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15/04/14 09:37

Hebrides farmed salmon jobs

Hebrides farmed salmon jobs: Hebrides farmed salmon jobs

Local company is Western Isles success story.

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28/03/14 11:04

Scaled up

Scaled up: Marine-fisheries-fishing-boat-trawler

Quota boost to expand inshore mackerel fishery.

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12/03/14 20:00

Step forward as mackerel agreement reached

Scotland’s quota increased as two sets of negotiations end.

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03/03/14 00:01

“Disarray" for others without Scotland in the EU

Scotland pivotal to EU & non-EU countries fisheries framework.

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27/02/14 12:31

Wild fisheries review

21st century management.

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27/02/14 09:47

Fishing hardship fund

Funding grants for Scottish fishermen.

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