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31/05/18 09:30

Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey 2017

Publication of official statistics. 

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25/05/18 10:05

Support for coastal communities

Fishing vessels and processing businesses to benefit from £6.9 million funding.

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23/05/18 10:00

Sustainable growth of farmed fish

Framework to support Scotland’s top food export sector launched

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09/03/18 09:30

Support for wild salmon

Funding to address challenges around salmon stocks.

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14/02/18 09:35

Funding to support marine economy

More than £4.8 million shared between businesses.

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12/02/18 15:30

Statement on Nancy Glen

Scottish Government to work with families.

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04/01/18 00:01

EEA workers vital to economy

New report finds seafood processing sector reliant on non-UK workers.

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28/12/17 10:20

Harbour improves accessibility

Ullapool Harbour to benefit from additional funding.

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13/12/17 08:31

Challenging outcome for fisheries

£440 million deal at annual negotiations.

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