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23/05/16 09:30

Shellfish Production

Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey 2015.

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12/05/16 09:30

Provisional Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2015

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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22/04/16 09:30

Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery Statistics 2015 Season

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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23/03/16 10:36

Marine tourism success

Expenditure in Scotland amounts to £3.7 billion.

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21/03/16 00:01

Future of seafood levy

Fisheries Secretary says devolution refusal 'illogical, damaging and a missed opportunity'.

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04/03/16 12:00

Fisheries funding delivering

Fraserburgh reaps benefits of £18 million from EFF.

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26/02/16 10:00

Conservation measures for shellfish

Consultation launched on new landing controls for crab and lobster.

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23/02/16 12:13

Angling for success

Additional support to promote catch and release of wild salmon.

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09/02/16 10:13

Protecting our seas

Environment Secretary calls for powers to regulate ship to ship oil transfer.

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08/02/16 12:28

Wild Fisheries consultation

Views sought on new management framework.

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