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08/02/16 12:28

Wild Fisheries consultation

Views sought on new management framework.

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08/02/16 10:02

Fisheries funding

Applications to £100 million European fund encouraged.

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05/02/16 16:49

Marine Protected Areas

New regulations to protect two vital areas.

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01/02/16 09:47

Tackling unlicensed commercial fishing

Fisheries Secretary introduces new measures.

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29/01/16 16:56

Fraserburgh Task Force

Members updated on action to support workers and local economy.

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19/01/16 10:00

Wild salmon conservation

Environment Minister confirms changes.

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31/12/15 09:02

Fish discard ban

Key stocks including haddock will be covered by ban.

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18/12/15 11:54

Conservation and communities key to MPA plan

Environment Secretary confirms protection for “valuable marine environment”.

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16/12/15 02:35

Big gains for fishing industry

Fisheries Secretary hails increase in 16 key stocks.

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