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05/02/17 00:01

Child poverty

Rising inequality emphasises need for action.

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01/02/17 09:34

Pupil Equity Funding

Individual school allocations worth thousands.

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31/01/17 10:03

Supporting households in times of crisis

£116 million allocated to help low income households.

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18/01/17 11:08

Early years workforce expansion

£1.5 million for more nursery teachers and graduates in deprived areas.

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18/01/17 10:30

Combating food poverty

£350,000 to make fresh and healthy food available

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13/01/17 09:26

Scottish Flexibilities for Universal Credit

New powers to be used to meet needs of people of Scotland

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11/01/17 10:38

Living Wage

700th Living Wage employer accredited.

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11/01/17 09:30

New attainment tools for teachers

Evidence-based interventions to drive improvement.

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