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06/04/17 09:30

Families with children hardest hit by UK welfare changes

Scottish Government will not apply two child cap to Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

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29/03/17 10:05

Helping the world’s poor

Small grants help fight global poverty.

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26/03/17 00:01

UK housing benefit changes ‘shameful’

Support for young people at risk of being pushed into homelessness.

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22/03/17 09:00

Call to halt full service roll-out of Universal Credit

Payments system causing hardship in Scotland.

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16/03/17 12:07

East Africa famine

£200k towards supporting families in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

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16/03/17 09:43

Experience Panels invitations

18,000 people to be invited to give views on social security system.

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16/03/17 09:30

Poverty in Scotland 2015/16

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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16/03/17 09:30

Persistent poverty in Scotland 2010-2015

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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10/03/17 00:01

Winning Baby Box design

Winning Baby Box design: Baby Box design winner-10

Forest fairy tale scene finds favour. 

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09/03/17 12:05

Supporting the world’s poor

Call for projects in Zambia and Rwanda.

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