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02/12/19 00:01

Attracting more people into frontline healthcare

Rise in number of people training to be GPs.

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27/10/19 00:01

Growing the next generation of GPs

New investment for training medical students.

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24/10/19 10:00

Funding for improvements to GP practices

£9.34 million to upgrade premises and IT systems.

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22/10/19 12:10

Update on flu programme

Efforts to minimise any delays to children’s flu vaccination.

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17/09/19 12:39

Improvements in child dental health

Reduction in fillings and teeth extraction.

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15/09/19 00:01

Improving Access to Healthcare

Information cards provide support for new patients.

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12/09/19 09:49

Health Secretary welcomes cystic fibrosis drug pricing agreement

Scottish Government discussions secure medicines for NHS Scotland.

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06/07/19 00:01

Rise in medical trainee recruitment

Fill rates are up 4% on last year.

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20/06/19 17:32

Protecting frontline health services

Scottish Government to meet cost of NHS employer pension changes.

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