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29/04/19 10:10

More homes for rent

Rental market to benefit from £30 million investment.

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31/01/18 09:53

Tenants and landlords benefit from new regulations

Letting agent code of practice goes live.

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01/12/17 00:01

New Private Residential Tenancy

Greater security for tenants and safeguards for landlords.

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14/11/17 09:30

Average 2 bedroom private rents up by 4.4%

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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20/10/17 09:41

Council tax dwellings and tax base figures for 2017

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland

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08/09/17 00:01

Home safety paramount

Consultation on protecting homes against fire and smoke.

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06/09/17 10:25

Landlord registration enforcement

New guidance for local authorities.

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28/07/17 10:00

Tenants and landlords to benefit from new regulations

Letting agents have six months to meet requirements of statutory code.

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13/02/17 14:27

Improving access to information

New landlord registration system goes live.

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