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01/08/17 00:01

Police VAT issue

Call to end £35 million police and fire VAT bill.

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17/07/17 13:39

Summer water safety urged

Caution and diligence urged on recreational water activities.

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04/06/17 15:00

London terror attack

Scottish Government Resilience Committee update.

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27/05/17 13:11

UK terror threat returned to SEVERE

First Minister praises work of police and security service and urges public to remain alert.

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24/05/17 05:51

Scotland open for business

FM: be vigilant but not alarmed as terror threat level raised to ‘critical’.

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23/05/17 23:01

Response to terrorism

Security measures stepped up as threat level raised to ‘critical’.

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23/05/17 21:16

Manchester terror attack

Update after Scottish Government Resilience Committee.

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23/05/17 15:10

First Minister addresses parliament on Manchester attack

This afternoon, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave a statement to the Scottish Parliament about the Manchester terrorist attack.

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23/05/17 04:04

Manchester Incident

First Minister statement on Manchester incident.

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