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14/09/17 15:29

More local food on the table

£1.3m to support locally-produced food in public sector.

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06/09/17 10:25

Landlord registration enforcement

New guidance for local authorities.

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01/08/17 00:01

Police VAT issue

Call to end £35 million police and fire VAT bill.

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22/06/17 14:38

Provisional budget outturn

Update for the 2016-17 financial year.

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20/06/17 16:01

Boost to open government

Information released in response to FOI requests to be published online


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09/05/17 09:16

New boost for Scotland’s digital tech sector

New boost for Scotland’s digital tech sector: A9 travel guide

CivTech launches phase II of tech accelerator fund

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10/04/17 11:12

Same SAAS, New Account - now open for 2017 funding applications

Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) is now open for business and asking full-time students to submit their 2017-2018 applications for funding at

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24/03/17 09:30

Trust in government and political engagement

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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