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31/03/17 12:58

Section 30 letter

First Minister letter delivered to Prime Minister.

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28/03/17 17:13

Parliament backs independence referendum

First Minister – people of Scotland must be given choice on future.

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20/03/17 11:00

Will of Scotland’s national parliament must be respected

FM: Sovereign right of Scottish people to determine form of government.

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16/03/17 14:50

PM bid to block Scotland’s choice “undemocratic and unsustainable”

Scottish Parliament vote will ensure nation’s voice will be heard.

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14/03/17 12:17

Referendum must be ‘made in Scotland’

Cabinet agrees vote should be determined by Scottish Parliament.

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13/03/17 11:44

Scotland must have choice over future

First Minister sets out plan for referendum in face of hard Brexit.

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