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07/03/19 08:47

£20m of support for regeneration in local communities

More than 600 jobs to be created or supported.

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25/07/18 10:22

Tackling poverty and inequalities

£4m for 22 projects throughout Scotland.

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06/06/18 10:00

Empowering communities

£20 million to tackle poverty and inequalities.

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21/05/18 09:30

New investment for Clyde Gateway

Funding secures future for regeneration programme.

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29/11/17 08:00

Decommissioning fund awards

£1.1 million to applicants in first round of funding.

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17/08/17 15:31

Improving forensic medical examination services

£76,000 for new training developed for rural communities.

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06/07/17 00:01

Regenerating coastal communities

£4.3 million to improve access and facilities.

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09/05/17 12:21

Scotland’s first urban right to buy

Consent granted for Portobello church purchase.

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02/05/17 12:18

£8.35 million to support urban regeneration in the heart of Glasgow

New high quality office space and hundreds of jobs for the city centre

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