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05/01/14 11:49

Weather - Scotland’s response

Praise for flooding prevention work.

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04/01/14 14:53

Flood threat continues

Environment Minister urges vigilance as warnings issued for east coast.

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03/01/14 13:37

Vigilance urged as flood threat continues

Environment Minister sees preparedness for flooding events in Scotland.

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29/12/13 16:48

Scotland ready to welcome the New Year

Preparations being made across the country.

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29/12/13 14:43

Scotland reconnected following festive storms

Tens of thousands of households reconnected thanks to multiagency response.

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28/12/13 12:15

Weather disruption eases

Efforts continue to restore power and transport services as flood risk subsides.

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27/12/13 12:49

Wintry weather update

Wintry weather update: Resilience-wind-damage-tree

Scottish Government Resilience committee monitors impact of storm.

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24/12/13 22:17

Weather update

Weather update: Emergency-rain-motorway-cars

Scottish Government's Resilience committee receives update on impacts of winter storm.

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24/12/13 13:58

Weather update: travelling home for Christmas

Weather update: travelling home for Christmas: Resilience-snow-road

Work ongoing to keep Scotland moving over the festive period.

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04/12/13 18:53

Severe weather warning

Severe weather warning: Emergency-wind-damage-tree

Wind and flood disruption expected

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