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29/10/18 00:00

Extra funding to rape crisis centres

Quicker access to local support services.

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04/10/18 10:24

Ending Female Genital Mutilation

Strengthening existing protections.

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07/09/18 11:30

Funding boost for Rape Crisis Centres

Support for victims of sexual violence.

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09/08/18 13:51

Funding for Rape Crisis

Scottish Government to make up shortfall.

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06/08/18 09:40

Doing more to tackle domestic abuse

£2.8 million to expand programme to reduce risk of re-offending.

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25/04/18 11:30

Tackling sexual violence and harassment on campus

New toolkit to address gender-based violence in universities and colleges.

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01/02/18 17:06

Justice for domestic abuse survivors

Domestic Abuse Bill passed by Parliament.

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01/02/18 00:01

Funding for Scottish Women’s Aid

Scottish Women’s Aid ready staff as Domestic Abuse Bill progresses.

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28/12/17 09:30

Police prepare for new domestic abuse crime

Training for 14,000 officers and staff ahead of new legislation.

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24/11/17 10:00

Tackling violence against women and girls

Action to make women and girls equally safe.

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