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03/06/17 09:00

Employment skills to boost rehabilitation

Work training helping young people get lives on right track.

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25/05/17 10:00

Helping people affected by trauma

Improving support in the workplace for victims of abuse and neglect.

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17/05/17 10:43

Labour Productivity Statistics, 2016 Quarter 4

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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10/05/17 09:43

Quarterly National Accounts Scotland, 2016 Q4

Quarterly National Accounts Scotland, 2016 Q4: National Statistics

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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24/04/17 16:00

Breaking down employment barriers

£500,000 for Workplace Equality Fund.

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15/04/17 00:01

Women hardest hit by UK welfare cuts

Equality has taken ‘massive step backwards’ says Minister.

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07/04/17 18:00

Digital Skills for the future

FM visits US ‘coding bootcamp’.

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30/03/17 10:00

Individual Training Accounts launched

Scheme to boost access to qualifications for job seekers and low paid workers.

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21/03/17 11:12

The way forward for STEM

New specialist group will shape Scottish Government strategy.

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17/03/17 15:30

Expansion of Foundation Apprenticeships

Up to 5,000 will start work-based training programme by 2019.

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