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31/12/13 10:23

The Queen's New Year Honours

Honours recipients in Scotland.

In Scotland there are 103 recipients in the Queen's New Year Honours.

There are two Knighthoods and one Damehood:

  • Professor Sir Godfrey Palmer OBE for services to human rights, science and charity

  • Professor Sir Adrian Bird CBE for services to science

  • Professor Dame Seona Reid CBE for services to the creative industries

Recipients of the Commanders of the British Empire (CBE) include:

  • Professor Alastair Fowler for services to literature and education

  • Anthony Finn for services to education

  • Peter Macfarlane for services to healthcare

  • Professor Doreen Cantrell for services to life sciences

  • Professor Lesley Yellowlees for services to chemistry

Recipients of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) include:

  • Dr Fiona Kennedy Clark for services to music and for charitable services in Scotland

  • Lady Claire Macdonald for services to the hospitality industry and to charity in Scotland particularly through Marie Curie Cancer Care

  • Jennifer Cheyne for services to hairdressing and charity

  • Janet Baxter and Robert Baxter for voluntary service overseas and in the north of Scotland

  • Shona Malcolm for services to athletics

  • Fiona Young for services to disability sport

  • Lorraine Stobie for services to children with special educational needs

  • Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh for services to business and to the Asian community in Scotland

  • Pamela Niven for services to healthcare and organ donation in Scotland

  • Neil Richardson for services to policing in Scotland

Among those receiving a Members of the British Empire (MBE) are:

  • Gladys Knight for services to literature

  • Nichola Fletcher for services to the venison industry

  • Maureen Ryles for services to healthcare and charity

  • Anne Webber for services to children with additional support needs in Angus

  • Doreen Brass for services to healthcare in Ross-shire

  • Paul Foster for services to bowls

  • John Barrie for services to badminton

Recipients of the British Empire Medal (BEM) include:

  • Bettina Dawson for services to the catering industry in Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway

  • Margaret Bisset for services to gymnastics

  • Dr William Scott for services to the scouting movement in Lanarkshire

  • James Neilson for services to the elderly and people with disabilities to the Seagull Trust Cruises in Ratho

The Queen’s Fire, Police and Ambulance Service medals

The following are recipients of the Queen’s Fire, Police and Ambulance Service medals in Scotland.

Queen’s Fire Service Medal

Thomas Kevin Blair: Retained Watch Manager, Dunbar Community Fire Station, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Kevin has served and protected the community in Dunbar in East Lothian for over 33 years. He started off as a retained fire fighter and gradually progressed through the ranks until he was promoted to his present post as Watch Manager in charge of Dunbar Community Fire Station, a position he has held for over 20 years.

As the driving force behind the station Kevin leads his crews at all operational incidents within his local area in addition to attending the station before and after his full-time job each day to ensure that continuous fire cover is available in the community.

He has been extremely proactive in engaging with the local community, educating them about the dangers of fire and how best to prevent it. Thanks to his commitment to youth group and school visits hoax calls in Dunbar are almost non-existent as Kevin and his crew have worked hard to gain the understanding and respect for the work of the fire service from young people in the area.

David Farries: Watch Manager, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

David is a Watch Manager with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service with 45 years dedicated service across various departments to the communities of the City of Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Scottish Borders under his belt.

For many years David was the main fundraiser and organiser for The Fire Fighters Charity - his efforts have raised tens of thousands of pounds for firefighters, and their families, who have been injured or killed in the line of duty. He has also been a central figure in organising and managing the Fire and Rescue Service Sports and Athletics Association (FSSA) rugby team at both a Scottish and UK level, leading Scotland’s (FSSA) rugby team for over thirty years.

His charitable work extends to assisting those who have retired or are experiencing difficulties and he is a facilitator for the local branch of the National Association of Retired Firefighters, where he ensures that retired elderly firefighters are provided for.

In 2005 David was successfully appointed as one of four Watch Managers to lead the newly-created Fire Investigation/Technical Support Unit, he continues in this role today.

Queen’s Police Medal

Robert Hamilton: Chief Superintendent, Police Service of Scotland

Robert has demonstrated a truly significant level of personal commitment in helping to enable positive change in the way policing recognises and responds to domestic abuse.

Throughout his 30 year career with Strathclyde Police and now Police Scotland Robert has been dedicated to protecting and improving the safety of some of the most vulnerable people in society through his innovative approaches to the policing of domestic abuse across the country. This has resulted in more comprehensive support being given to the victims of domestic abuse and their families, in addition to the introduction of rigorous enforcement tactics to ensure that perpetrators of domestic abuse are now better brought to justice.

Robert’s work has been an integral part of establishing a climate where more victims of abuse are prepared to seek the support of the police and make positive changes to their lives. His efforts have established a new policing culture which is now being embedded nationally across Scotland and this success has led to him being invited to provide input and advice to police forces across the UK.

Jeanette McDiarmid: Chief Superintendent, Police Service of Scotland

While head of the Intelligence Unit for Lothian and Borders Police in 2008 Jeanette recognised the limited capacity of the then three separate police forces in the East of Scotland and the potential benefit of combining their covert policing resources. The results of her proposal to form a joint unit included improved performance, resilience and professionalism including an immediate 25 per cent increase in capacity and an 8 per cent reduction in expenditure. This model was highlighted as ‘best practice’ and promulgated across the UK intelligence community.

In January 2013 Jeanette was appointed Commander for the Lothian and Scottish Borders Division with responsibility to merge three existing policing divisions spanning four diverse local authorities and serving 462,000 residents.

Through her leadership, innovation and personal example, problems ranging from staff and stakeholder anxiety about change to financial savings targets and disharmonious operations and support processes have been tackled. Jeanette has built a motivated and effective team which has sustained public confidence, secured savings and delivered significant crime reductions in key categories.

Peter Roderick Smith: Special Constable, Police Service of Scotland

For 35 years Peter has served the people of Shetland as a Special Police Constable in addition to his ‘day job’ as lead paramedic for the island.

Over the years Peter has assisted both the Scottish Ambulance Service and the police in dealing with major incidents. He attended the Dan Air crash at Sumburgh Airport which was one of his first days as a Special Constable and after performing his ambulance role, he worked with fellow police officers in dealing with this tragedy. He also took an active role in the aftermath of the Chinook crash off Sumburgh which resulted in 44 fatalities.

Peter has demonstrated selfless dedication by working alongside regular police officers both on his rest days and sometimes following a full day’s work with the Ambulance Service in support of his community.

Queen’s Ambulance Service Medal

James Dickie (known as Jim): Head of Service (Forth Valley) Scottish Ambulance Service

Before being recently promoted to the position of Head of Service in Forth Valley Jim was Resilience Advisor for the National Risk and Resilience Department. In his position within the Department, Jim devised a complete portfolio of training for specialist staff including technical and command training. During the evolution of this training, colleagues from ambulance services in England and Wales also attended and the essentials of the training were subsequently adopted in those Services.

Training was also extended to the wider Scottish Ambulance Service and is now embedded in operational management competencies. The training enabled Special Operations Paramedics to operate in new environments to deliver patients care, where this would have been impossible previously.

Jim also undertook a secondment to the Police Operational Response Programme to support and develop the inter-agency Model Response to Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) incidents and produced guidance for the emergency services on the response to terrorist derived incidents.

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