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11/09/13 11:52

UN Special Rapporteur

Housing Minister Margaret Burgess welcomes 'bedroom tax' findings.

Housing Minister Margaret Burgess has welcomed the findings of UN Special Rapporteur, Raquel Rolnik.

Mrs Burgess, who meet with Ms Rolnik during her time in the UK, said:

“The bedroom tax is unfair, ill-conceived and risks pushing people to the edge and we have made clear that following a vote for independence this policy will be scrapped.

“It is significant to see that the UN Special Rapporteur has come to the same conclusion as the Scottish Government on the UK Government’s bedroom tax, describing it as a detrimental measure which has serious impacts on the most vulnerable of our society.

“The Scottish Government, like the UN Special Rapporteur, takes the view that an approach to housing challenges which puts the needs of individuals and communities, as well as the principles of equality and respect for human rights at the heart of public policy decisions, is the right way forward.

“Unlike the UK Government we understand that housing policy is not just about numbers, it is about helping individuals and communities across Scotland live decent dignified lives, with access to good quality, affordable accommodation.

“We are on track to meet both our affordable housing targets – to deliver 30,000 additional affordable homes by March 2016, including 20,000 for social rent – and are outperforming other parts of the UK when it comes to the completion of all types of homes.

“Scotland is also leading the way when it comes to preventing and addressing homelessness. This was acknowledged by Ms Rolnik, who praised Scottish legislation and achievement of the 2012 homelessness commitment and its abolition of the priority need test in determining homeless applications.”