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26/08/20 18:47

Continuing CAP for Scotland’s farmers

Agriculture (Retained EU Law and Data) (Scotland) Bill passes Stage 3.

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26/08/20 14:21

12-minute COVID tests

£6.76m deal will benefit Scottish manufacturing.

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26/08/20 08:43

Growth in Scotland’s revenues

Tax receipts and deficit affected by pandemic.

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25/08/20 19:21

Family court process to be more child friendly

Legislation to put the best interests of children at the heart of cases.

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25/08/20 16:21

Ferguson ferries update

Amended timescale due to lockdown.

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25/08/20 15:50

Increasing capacity and accessibility of testing

First of 11 planned walk-through sites set up.

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25/08/20 12:09

Continued fall in teenage pregnancy rate

Lowest rates of teenage pregnancy since reporting began.

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25/08/20 09:46

Support for 178,180 students tops £1 billion

Non-repayable bursaries and grants rise 13.4%.

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25/08/20 09:42

Putting start-ups at heart of recovery

Report on expanding technology sector.

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