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31/05/19 09:00

Investing in digital skills

£1 million to increase employment opportunities.

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31/05/19 00:01

Home blood pressure monitoring

Investment in new technology.

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30/05/19 18:51

New flexible career pathways in teaching

Strengthening career options for teachers to develop in the profession.

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30/05/19 15:00

Challenging UK austerity and uncertainty

Medium Term Financial Strategy published.

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30/05/19 12:23

Dalry bypass opens to traffic

Dalry bypass opens to traffic: Dalry Bypass opens

£31 million road seven months early

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30/05/19 10:13

Discretionary Housing Payments

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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30/05/19 09:46

£50 million to improve attainment

88% of headteachers see progress in closing the gaps in attainment and wellbeing.

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30/05/19 09:30

Scottish shellfish farm production survey 2018

Statistical news release 

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