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27/10/17 17:18

Statement on Catalonia

External Affairs Secretary comments.

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27/10/17 10:36

First Minister letter to Prime Minister on EU withdrawal

Urgent clarity sought on transition arrangements.

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27/10/17 00:01

Farm payments made early

Over £292 million paid out.

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26/10/17 19:00

Tackling the gender gap in business

Funding to support women in enterprise.

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26/10/17 15:00

Time for bold action on obesity

Time for bold action on obesity: Diet & Obesity consultation launch, Football Fans in Training

Consultation on new strategy for a healthier future.

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26/10/17 14:15

Finance Ministers call for 1% public sector pay cap to be lifted

Scottish and Welsh Governments urge Treasury to change course.

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26/10/17 09:35

Population figures

Projections show impact of EU migration fall.

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26/10/17 09:30

Scotland's population is projected to increase and age

Scotland's population is projected to increase and age: NRS - national stats

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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