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06/04/18 18:38

Young’s Seafood

New Group to explore options for retaining Annan processing jobs.

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06/04/18 16:58

Management structures at NHS Tayside

Interim Chair and Chief Executive appointed. 

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06/04/18 13:38

Extra £10 million for road maintenance

Assistance for councils following extreme weather.

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06/04/18 10:27

Fintech investment reaches £37m

Economy Secretary reinforces strength of Scotland’s Fintech sector.

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06/04/18 00:01

New progressive tax system takes effect

More than two thirds of taxpayers to pay less under new system.

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05/04/18 14:34

Stopping bullying and harassment

Proposed changes to Councillors’ Code of Conduct.

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05/04/18 10:12

Strengthening family food support

Increased allowance and new changes to Welfare Foods Scheme.

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05/04/18 10:09

Young's Seafood

Update on Pinney's seafood processing plant.

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04/04/18 11:40

Islay ferry pledge

Island next in line for new vessel

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