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08/09/17 19:02

Building and fire safety

Update from the Ministerial Working Group.

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08/09/17 09:30

Record spend on film and TV production

£16.7m increase in production spend in Scotland.

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08/09/17 09:30

Read, Write, Count expanded

Read, Write, Count expanded: Read, Write, Count expansion at Inch View Primary School 2

Literacy and numeracy campaign to reach P4 to P7 pupils.

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08/09/17 00:01

Home safety paramount

Consultation on protecting homes against fire and smoke.

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07/09/17 17:55

Public sector pay cap

Finance Secretary urges UK Government to end public sector pay cap.

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07/09/17 16:02

Raising aspirations in science

Raising aspirations in science: Science Minister Shirley-Anne Somerville and Sir Ian Wood with pupils at Blackhall Primary

Primary school programme expanded to 10 areas.

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07/09/17 14:23

Urban right to buy

Community group is first to benefit in urban area.

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07/09/17 11:32

Support for innovation projects

Accelerator programme winners announced.

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07/09/17 10:18

Frank’s Law

Frank’s Law: P1090641 (2)

Free personal care for under 65s.

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