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19/06/19 10:39

Women in Agriculture

Business and leadership pilots launched.

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19/06/19 10:00

Commitment to sustainable learning

Educating pupils on being responsible citizens of the world.

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19/06/19 09:30

Ninth quarter of continued economic growth

Manufacturing and construction help grow the economy.

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19/06/19 00:01

Alcohol sales fall to 25 year low

Signs of impact of minimum unit pricing on alcohol sales.

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18/06/19 16:25

£51 million for active travel infrastructure in 2019

£51 million for active travel infrastructure in 2019

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18/06/19 09:45

Young people and families helped to buy their own homes

First-time buyers get on property ladder.

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18/06/19 09:33

Record high for young people in positive destinations

Deprivation gap in school leavers at lowest ever.

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18/06/19 09:30

School leaver follow-up destinations

National and Official Statistics Publications for Scotland.

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