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27/02/18 09:30

Criminal Proceedings in Scotland 2016-17

Criminal Proceedings in Scotland 2016-17: National Stats logo

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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27/02/18 09:21

Support for court users

More vulnerable groups to be exempt from court fees.

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27/02/18 00:01

Affordable housing for the future

Meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

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26/02/18 10:01

Future of farming

Opportunities for new farmers.

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26/02/18 10:00

Archaeologists unearth amazing finds on Aberdeen bypass

Archaeologists unearth amazing finds on Aberdeen bypass: Julie Lochrie Headland Archaeology Finds Specialist and Cab Sec Keith Brown ii

Excavations give glimpses into north east's past 15,000 years

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26/02/18 09:51

Minimum unit pricing

Proposed price of 50 pence per unit.

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26/02/18 00:01

Uncovering human trafficking

Increase in reports of trafficking follows Scottish Government strategy

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25/02/18 16:27

Raising awareness of minimum pricing

Campaign to highlight alcohol unit pricing changes to retailers.

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23/02/18 08:22

New ways to improve public safety proposed

Management of Offenders Bill laid at Scottish Parliament.

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22/02/18 17:12

Parliament backs migration powers

Cross-party support for tailored policy for Scotland.

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