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06/05/20 10:05

£75 million boost for Scottish university research

One-off Government payment to help mitigate financial effects of COVID-19.

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06/05/20 08:41

Extra payment for unpaid carers

Investment of £19.2 million to support 83,000 carers

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05/05/20 17:55

New powers over CAP

Agriculture (Retained EU Law and Data) (Scotland) Bill.

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05/05/20 15:45

Preparing for economic recovery

Expert tech review announced as further business support opens to applications.

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05/05/20 09:59

Aid for private rental landlords

Support to protect tenants.

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04/05/20 13:45

Short-term prisoner release

‘Triple-lock’ restrictions in place as regulations laid to tackle COVID-19 in prisons.

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03/05/20 14:53

Supporting mental health

Further investment to help children and families during pandemic.

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03/05/20 14:45

Supporting people affected by drug use

Over £2 million for new package of support during coronavirus (COVID-19).

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03/05/20 00:01

Support for autistic people

Funding boost for specialist organisations to deal with coronavirus pressures.

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