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05/12/17 10:53

Council Tax Reduction for around half a million Scots

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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05/12/17 09:30

Planning application decision times published

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland

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05/12/17 09:30

Scottish House Condition Survey 2016

Scottish House Condition Survey 2016: National Statistics Logo

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland

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04/12/17 17:27

Brexit talks

First Minister comments on latest negotiations.

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04/12/17 10:08

Funding for seafood sector

Jobs to be created through investment. 

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03/12/17 00:01

Supporting low carbon energy

£2.6 million awarded to innovative local energy systems.

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02/12/17 00:01

RBS branch closures

Time for a minimum provision of banking services to be introduced.

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01/12/17 16:57

Fisheries talks conclude

EU/Norway deal brings some success.

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01/12/17 10:20

800 more GPs for Scotland

New measures to improve recruitment and retention.

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