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05/09/19 11:50

Europe buys 50% of Scottish goods

Scotland’s total goods exports rise by 14.5%. 

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05/09/19 09:54

Increased investment for sanitary products

New funding to tackle period inequality.

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04/09/19 15:38

Queensferry Crossing artwork

Queensferry Crossing artwork: QC plaque unveiled

Scotland’s national poet contributes to permanent tribute.

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04/09/19 14:10

UK spending round fails to provide certainty

Additional funding doesn’t mitigate impact of austerity. 

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04/09/19 13:00

Woodmill High School funding

Scottish Government to fund investment in new Dunfermline campus.

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04/09/19 11:58

Scottish Child Payment ahead of schedule

Eligible families to start receiving new benefit next year.

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04/09/19 00:01

UK Spending Round

Clarity needed on future UK Budget and ‘no deal’ funding.

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03/09/19 16:16

Progress at Ferguson Marine

Commitment to shipyard’s future.

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03/09/19 15:30

Protecting Scotland’s Future

Programme for Government 2019-20.

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03/09/19 09:30

Scottish Elections (Reform) Bill

New Bill proposes changes to election term limits.

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