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15/10/18 11:51

Scottish fish farm production survey 2017

Statistical news release

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12/10/18 14:26

‘No deal’ could raise electricity bills

Constitutional Relations Secretary: rural Scotland ‘hit hardest’.

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12/10/18 09:48

Scottish Council Housing Income and Expenditure 2017-18

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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12/10/18 09:30

Annual NHS estate update

High level of satisfaction with hospital environment.

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12/10/18 00:01

Powering Fair Isle

Powering Fair Isle: fair isle electricity scheme cut

The island will receive reliable 24-hour electricity for the first time.

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11/10/18 17:00

Mitigating the impact of Brexit

Councils' 'leadership' welcome.

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11/10/18 16:02

Sharp rise in European visitors to Scotland

International spend up.

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11/10/18 13:41

Single market ‘essential’

Continued EU membership worth billions to the Scottish economy.

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