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23/04/14 11:41

Extra funding for carers’ breaks

Programme for carers’ holidays reaches £2.25 million

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23/04/14 10:52

£1 million boost for language teaching in schools

Investment in teaching of second language from P1 onwards by 2020.

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23/04/14 10:23

Scottish insolvency numbers down again

Uptake of Scottish Government Debt Arrangement Scheme shows ten-fold increase.

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23/04/14 10:17

Personal insolvencies in Scotland continue to decrease

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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23/04/14 10:00

Fuel poor households to suffer

Proposals cut £50 million support for fuel poverty.

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23/04/14 09:30

Index of manufactured exports for Scotland

A National Statistics publication for Scotland

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23/04/14 09:30

Fastest growth in Scottish exports since 2008

Annual manufactured exports up 1.9 per cent

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23/04/14 00:01

Summit to tackle payday lending

Conference will look at preventing the rise of payday lenders on Scotland’s high streets.

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22/04/14 17:00

Future of Fans and Football Clubs

Strengthening role of supporters in Scottish football clubs

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22/04/14 15:45

Scotland’s voice in the EU

Only independence will ensure Scotland is heard, says Hyslop.

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