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18/02/14 09:12

Increasing NHS capacity

Increasing NHS capacity: Increasing NHS capacity

£1.5m to deliver 1500 more operations.

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18/02/14 00:01

Transforming childcare

Workforce review to support early learning and childcare across Scotland.

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17/02/14 15:11

Islands meeting

Fourth meeting of Island Areas Ministerial Working Group.

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17/02/14 14:57

Move to scupper slipper farming backed by EU

Commission also gives UK flexibility on coupled support.

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17/02/14 13:54

Deputy First Minister hosts Dunblane Q&A

Independence would create a wealthier and fairer Scotland.

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17/02/14 12:30

The green shoots of agriculture

Agri-Renewables Strategy for Scotland launched.

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17/02/14 11:00

Investment supports delivery of £200m Haymarket site

Investment supports delivery of £200m Haymarket site: SPRUCE investment announcement

SPRUCE Fund to facilitate first phase of development.

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17/02/14 00:01

Scotland seeks EU support

Lochhead will seek Scottish clause confirmation and make case for coupled payment increase to European Commissioner.

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17/02/14 00:01

Labour market continues to improve

Finance Secretary responds to Bank of Scotland Labour Market Barometer.

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16/02/14 11:15

Scotland’s Adoption Register nears ‘100’ landmark

Family-finding scheme expands nationally under Children’s Bill.

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