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16/01/14 10:33

All’s well in Motherwell

Communities and Families Fund money getting Lanarkshire parents active.

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16/01/14 10:07

Increase in university entrants

Guarantee on college student numbers fulfilled.

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16/01/14 09:32

Visitors flocking to Scotland

Visitors flocking to Scotland: Scottish-Flag-from SG newsroom

Visits and expenditure up.

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15/01/14 11:18

Scotland’s EU future

Scotland’s EU future: International-flags-EU-europe

Analysis shows 2,500 jobs benefit for independent Scotland.

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15/01/14 10:58

International Touring Fund

International Touring Fund: Culture - concert

Support for Scottish productions in North America and the Far East

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15/01/14 09:31

Economic recovery continues to strengthen

Economic recovery continues to strengthen: Business-industry-construction-welding

Scottish economy grows by 0.7 per cent in 2013 Q3.

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15/01/14 09:30

Scottish economy grows 0.7 per cent

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

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15/01/14 06:35

Review of wild fisheries management

Review of wild fisheries management: FM Wildlife

First Minister announces review at opening of 2014 salmon fishing season.

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14/01/14 14:20

New Commissioner to champion veterans

New Commissioner to champion veterans: New Commissioner to champion veterans

Scottish Veterans Commissioner will support the needs of Scotland's veterans.

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