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11/12/13 09:20

Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland

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11/12/13 09:01

Teacher commitment met

Stability brought to teaching profession.

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11/12/13 06:49

£34 million of Capital investment

New school receives green light.

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10/12/13 15:53

Fisheries support package

Fisheries support package: Marine-fisheries-fishing-boats-harbour

Funding of over £5 million distributed.

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10/12/13 15:43

Inspectorate of Prosecution report

Report published on Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service's Knowledge Bank.

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10/12/13 13:36

Emergency life support in schools

Children taught CPR skills to help save lives.

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10/12/13 11:47

Scotland’s Soils website launched

Scotland’s Soils website launched: Soil Release 1

Online resource to help manage and protect our soils for future generations.

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10/12/13 10:48

Taking ‘Scotland’s Future’ to the people

White paper events will travel length and breadth of country.

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10/12/13 09:35

Fewer living in fuel poverty but more help needed

More than quarter of population still fuel poor.

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